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During the 2019 Rockhampton Expo, the Rockhampton Regional Council will be providing visitors with exclusive information on Fishing in the Fitzroy.

Rockhampton Queensland is the only location in Australia where you can fly, check in and boat out in an hour targeting trophy Barramundi and King Threadfin. Since the time of the dreaming, the Darumbal people of Central Queensland have known the fish with the large scales as the “bardda moon di”. This defines the Fitzroy River catchment as the genuine Home of the Barramundi in Australia.

Rockhampton straddles the magnificent Fitzroy — the largest river on the eastern seaboard of Australia. The total Fitzroy River catchment has an area of 156,000 square kilometres providing prime estuary and freshwater fishing country.

Rockhampton is also home to one of the largest deltas in Australia. The Fitzroy Delta is over 70,000 hectares in size providing a cracking Barramundi and King Threadfin fishing experience. In addition to the Fitzroy River itself and its many tributaries, the floodplain holds a number of freshwater lagoons, brackish lagoons and waterholes that are important nursery areas for barramundi and many other species. These include some easily accessible lagoons on the south side of the city, such as the Woolwash and Yeppen Lagoons, which can be fished from the bank.

The fishing options in the Rockhampton region are endless…

To find out more about Fishing in the Fitzroy be sure to visit Rockhampton Regional Council at the Rockhampton Expo, site number P135.