The Nudicover Hoodie has revolutionized the way we wear outdoor clothing with its multi-purpose; wet or dry; day or night fabric and design.

It is the only multi-purpose garment that you can wear all day for all of your activities without the need to keep changing clothes. If you are a busy multi-tasker, or it you need clothing that can quickly convert from wet to dry, then Nudicover shirts are ideal.    No need to keep changing from wet clothes to dry clothes,

  • The Nudicover Hoodie dries very quickly eliminating the need to change clothes.
  • The Nudicover Mesh is rated as 70% Sun protection.
  • The Nudicover Hoodie helps to protect from midges and sand fly attack
  • Nudicover is size inclusive – the range includes Small to 4XL

Don’t risk over-exposure and sunburn when enjoying the sunshine, wear Nudicover Mesh clothing for lightweight cover-up that keeps you cool and sun protected.  It’s the hoodie you wear when you want to feel  like  you are not wearing a hoodie!

We all have wardrobes are full of clothes used for one occasion or purpose in our day, especially if you are sun conscious and changing clothes throughout the day depending on whether you are indoors or outdoors.  For example, we might have clothes for going to the beach, then other clothes for gardening, playing sports and walking the dog and then have to change clothes to go shopping or to outdoor cafe.   We wanted Nudicover to service many of those functions during your day and therefore be convenient for busy lifestyles.