Over the years we have seen almost everything evolve. Cars are now driving themselves, mobile phones are now “smart”, you can order your groceries to be delivered with a few simple clicks. But what about your bed? The traditional bed has just been a rigid frame with a mattress, built with springs, and a thin amount of polyurethane foam covering them since they were first patented in 1865. That’s over 150 years of companies only making the foam a little different then the last model. 

At Sleeptime, they don’t believe in doing things a little different, they are here to completely re-invent the wheel. No longer do you have to sleep restlessly, waking up feeling just as tired and fatigued as when you went to bed.

Each and every Sleeptime product is carefully designed and manufactured to their stringent quality standards. They pride ourselves on having the highest quality adjustable beds & mattresses in all of Australia.

They actually care about you, and how you’re sleeping. Their consultants provide you with accurate & up to date information, and are happy to answer any questions you have, day or night.

They value honesty, integrity and equality and aspire to always do the right thing, by you, by their team members and by the community, leaving a positive impact on the world.

Sleeptime is an Australian owned and operated, family orientated company. They pride themselves on providing the highest quality bedtime products in all of Australia.

From adjustable beds, to naturally permeable sheets and pillows, they’ve got you all tucked in. 

Sleeptime are also giving away an incredible $5,656 Queen Bed Package at the Expo this year – read more here!

Visit the expert team on Sleeptime’s site OA494 during the 2021 Rockhampton Expo.