TRACKLESS TRAIN – Join us for a delightful adventure as the Dinky D’s Express operates throughout the day, making scheduled stops at various locations within the Expo.
Looking for something that is different and a lot of fun for the whole family? It is full steam ahead for adventure at this year’s Rockhampton Expo. All aboard the Dinky D’s Express for an iconic train ride odyssey that features our attractive locomotive, and three fantastic carriages. The Dinky D’s Express Trackless Train takes parents and their children on a delightful journey to experience the expo in a colourful and engaging way this year.
The Dinky D’s Express will operate throughout the day and make various scheduled stops around the expo – refer to the event guide for the route and stops. We are sure it will be a great rail journey and you will want to come and do the locomotion with us at the expo. Best of all it is FREE for our visitors.