With a long history in and around the RV industry Ben, owner of Searle’s RV Centre, can be assured of helping you out with just about any request. Born in 1971, he entered the RV industry in 1972 by way of his family business based in Geelong, Victoria.

“I started washing vans for pocket money then handing out brochures at shows attended by my father. It wasn’t until a couple of sales reps made a bet with each other that I couldn’t sell a caravan that I found my place. By the end of that show, I had sold more than both combined. That was the first Industry trophy I achieved and still have it today,” recalls Ben.

Now after many years controlling his own business in Bundaberg he appreciates the ups and downs of “self-employment”. Ben admits that he is very proud of having a stable, enthusiastic team around him. They can’t be praised enough for the effort they put in each day and at times into the night. Nothing is too much of an effort and “no” is not a word they use very often.

Visit Ben and his team from Searle’s RV Centre at site OA418 during the 2021 Rockhampton Expo.